Armattan Oomph Velvet Edition 2206/2300 KV Motor

  • $21.50

Armattan Oomph Velvet Edition


Introducing the latest addition to the Armattan Oomph line of motors.

The construction of these motors was carefully selected with smoothness in mind. A lot of motors offer insane performance these days, but that usually comes with multiple drawbacks. High amp draw is the first concern. Noise and vibrations making tuning a more tedious task is another concern. And of course, if you have noise on your build, or if it is not well tuned, it affects HD footage greatly.

In other words, really high output motors are not suited for freestyle flying. They are better for racing. Flights are too short and the footage is only "OK."

Low amp draw. Check!

-Low noise. Check!

-Low vibration. Check!

 Easy to tune, smooth as butter, and crisp HD footage. No less. 

 These motors are assembled by hand in the Amazon forest. It's a very long story, but let's just say that, once again, we go to great length to bring to you the most innovative motors on the market.  ;) 

Oomph Velvet - Freestyle flight by Team Armattan pilot Suki FPV